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300+ HOURS of cake decorating classes

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Beginner's First Basic Cake Decorating Course

Kickstart your cake success with rock-solid basics and the fundamentals of troubleshooting!

In this comprehensive course of 7 full lenght videos and 2 recipe books you will learn:

  • Understanding chocolate

  • Make Perfect Ganache

  • What Can Go Wrong With Ganache and How to Fix It?

  • How to Flavour Ganache With Essential Oils

  • Recipes in colorful PDF format

Bake the perfect cake with the help of this

EXTRA Recipe eBook!


You think cake decorating is cool but you get intimated by complicated tutorials?

You would love to start cake decorating but don't know how to start? 

All the tutorials are too advanced and no one ever told you the basics?

Then this detailed, easy-to-understand video course is just for you!

It feels like you have a one-on-one private session with our award-winning teachers, Louise Vansleve, Jessica Pedemont, and Handi Mulyana.

After finishing this course you will know everything that is needed so you can challenge yourself with any advanced tutorial!

In this comprehensive course of 7 full length videos and 2 recipe books you will learn:

Understanding chocolate.

-Origins of cocoa beans, chocolate production.

-Different types of chocolate. Which one to buy, what to use each one for.

-What is white chocolate, what is milk chocolate and dark chocolate?

-What is coverture chocolate?

-Melting points, workability or different chocolates.

-Why is one chocolate is more expensive than the other?

-Chocolate nibs, and bits, and powder and butter. What are these and how to use them.

Make Perfect Ganache

-Ingredients, proportions, method.

-How to store ganache.

-All types of ganache, white-, milk-, dark chocolate ganache.

What Can Go Wrong With Ganache and How to Fix It?

-Troubleshooting ganache.

-Solve problems with splitting, melting, getting chunks, being too soft, too hard and so on.

-Overchrystallisation and how to fix it.

How to Flavour Ganache With Essential Oils

-Learn how to turn your already yummy ganache into an exquisite chocolate treat.

-How to use all-natural flavoring in your cakes.

Recipes in colorful PDF format

White Ganache

Dark Ganache

Royal Icing

Sugar Syrup 

Bake the perfect cake with the help of this EXTRA Ebook!

Handi's Best Cakes

-Tried and tested recipes for baking the PERFECT cake for decorating.

-5 different super yummy cake recipes for all occasions, tastes.

-Perfect mud cakes that are easy to bake and just made for carving and decorating.

-Ganache recipes.

-Weight and measurement charts.

How to Ganache a Cake

- Work with ganache

-Create straight sides and sharp edges

How to Cover a Cake with Fondant

-Learn how to cover cakes with fondant icing easily.

-Prevent common mistakes like air bubbles, cracking, tearing.

-Troubleshoot fondant issues.

Create Basic Cake Decorations

-Learn how to custom color fondant, how to cut shapes, how to adjust sides.
-Learn how to decorate your covered cake with colorful fondant stripes!

Make Easy but Cute Cake Topper

- Learn how to work with florist's wire.

- Learn how to make an adorable cherry cake topper. 

- Learn how to achieve a shiny finish!

Once you are through with this course you will have all the knowledge that will encourage you to confidently delve deeper into the fascinating world of cake decoration.

What People Are Saying:

I'm so happy I bought this course! I thought I had the basics sorted but I still struggled with troubleshooting when the ganache or fondant covering didn't turn out how I wanted it to be. I might have been able to piece things together by watching free tutorials, but it was so much more convenient to have every answer in one place and not have to spend hours searching. Totally worth the price in my opinion!

Georgina Morgan