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Ultimate Cake Pricing Guide

  • Feel confident when giving quotes!
  • Have the luxury to turn down negotiators KNOWING that you're attracting high end customers.
  • Say "I am a professional caker. I own a cake business!" - MEAN IT, FEEL LIKE it!
  • Just smile calmly when you read rants in Facebook groups and be the expert GIVING advice. Or not. Your choice! :)
  • KNOW YOUR VALUE and GET your value!
  • Imagine having a THRIVING CAKE BUSINESS!
  • Get paid every time, even BEFORE you start to make a cake!
  • Not only get break even but be financially independent and finally being the one BUYING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS of the PROFIT OF YOUR OWN CAKE BUSINESS!

    With your purchase of the ULTIMATE PRICING GUIDE...


NEVER under price your cake AGAIN!
NEVER get cheapskates get to you!
NEVER invest your own money or worse, ask your hubby for money to spend on cake supplies!
NEVER have to say I’m JUST a hobby baker.
NEVER get frustrated having to rant in Facebook groups!
NEVER feel pain when your read KNOW YOUR VALUE, thinking ITS EASY TO SAY...
NEVER consider giving up your cake business again!

What People Are Saying:

What a relief! Working by the guide is a life-changing experience! If I just think back at those times when I was just slaving away in my own business, unappreciated... OMG. I'm thinking, living and pricing like a real businesswoman now and strangely enough all I get is grateful customers and regulars raving about the QUALITY of my cakes and not cheapskates whining about the price. Freedom at last! :)

Lucy Reeves